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    When you buy a Duwoni watch, you are joining an important battle for the only planet you have. Along with the Trees 4 Trees foundation, we are reforesting our world.
    The Giving Back campaign launched by Duwoni and Trees 4 Trees is successfully planting a tree each time we sell one of our watches. The whole concept of the Duwoni watches is to create consciousness.
    Now, thanks to the participation of the Trees 4 Trees foundations, our customers are taking a step forward to saving the planet.

    Giving Back for your Planet
    The Giving Back campaign applies when you buy a Duwoni watch. When this happens, we fund the necessary materials and the Trees 4 Trees foundation proceed to plant a tree.
    Also, you get a WIN code with your purchase. Thanks to this WIN code and the WINCheck platform at the Trees 4 Trees website, the Giving Back campaign allows people to keep track of the trees they helped to plant. You will be able to know where the tree is and its status.
    Do the Right Thing
    The Trees 4 Trees foundation works hard for the environment mainly through reforestation and has a huge impact on the rural communities of Indonesia. With the help of Duwoni, a conscious and worried watchmaker, the only planet we have is improving its health.
    Understand the importance of taking care of the environment. Join the Giving Back campaign.